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Please don't take any of this as black and white, because I really
have never looked at the PHP code myself (except via stories like[1]).
However, from what I can tell there is basically no clean separation
between parser and interpreter/VM in PHP like there is in Lua. Don't
forget that PHP stands for Hypertext *Preprocessor*... it's amazing
(though I guess actually not) in this light that we ever got to the
point where people are writing daemons in PHP.


Thanks Matthew

Maybe this is just the price one pays for a small fast scripting language. If Lua has to be fat and slow to offer what I have been asking for then there isn't much point to it.

I think the Lua team must have a difficult job weighing the different threats and opportunities in the language business. They need a user friendly API to compete with the fat languages but don't have the libraries to make Lua a fat language itself.