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> > I really respect Luiz and Roberto and there have been a lot of helpful
> > people on this list but Lua's glow is dimming for me. It's tiresome watching
> > this endless battle between Lua titans over module while lua-peasants like
> > me seem to be without basic tools.

> I feel the same kind head-shaking emotion skimming through all this
> bickering of doing something well as simple as modules. And yes the
> globals issue with old modules is bad. A simple-stupid include is also
> not good. I dunno, why can node.js do it right on modules so simply,
> albeit in general Lua would be a much saner language than javascript.
> I'm happy that in my Lua project I just don't use any modules or
> support them.

I feel the whole thing doesn't belong to Lua. Lua *was* simple to embed when all you had to do was statically compile libraries along with your program and luaopen_<libname> them. Yeah, this is still possible but one has to massage things first.

I'm not against making Lua more accessible, but for me it's things like LuaForWindows that make it happen, not modules. And yes, LfW uses modules, but just because that's how 3rd party libraries are distributed now. LfW could just statically compile everything together instead.