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From: Patrick Mc(avery
Date: 10/18/2011 8:42 AM
On 11-10-18 10:01 AM, wrote:
Let's say I define 1 function and put it in a file called function.lua,
it looks something like this:

function silly1() print "reallly long string that greets user" end

and define 1 local variable
local x = 10
and put it in another file called local.lua.
You do realize that in your example x is local but silly1 is global, right?

Why don't you declare x as a global? It seems to me that it's what you want.

No I meant them both to be local, it's not real code for anything I want to do. I am just trying to say that if I type local x = 1 in another file and then include it, I would like it become local to where it was included from and not the file it was defined in.
FWIW, I was asking for something similar in [1].

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