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Before starting the WinCE port I also skimmed over luace. It has no documentation and seemed abandoned. Good to hear it isn't. Now I tried it out: lua.exe compiles out of the box; and I also reviewed some of the source files:

My port has some differences to luace:

- documentation
- all functions are really implemented (expect signals and environment).
No dummy functions
- WinCE UNICODE is converted to UTF8 (instead of Windows ANSI-Code page)
- luac.exe implemented and working on WinCE
- practically no changes to original lua source code, no wrappers for lua.c and

Please feel free to fill gaps in the luace implementation with the respective parts of my WinCE port. I will contact you off list for joining efforts on luace and/or
wcelibcex respectively.

Best Regards,


On 10/13/11 10:57, Petr Štetiar wrote:
Georg Lehner<>  [2011-10-08 17:24:30]:

It is made to compile with the Microsoft compilers (Visual Studio) and  to
change as little code as possible, in fact, hardly any at all was touched.
Please take a look at my port[1], maybe it's already in the shape you're trying
to reach. Maybe it would be better to focus on one project, than create new
port every year :-)

lua.exe and luac.exe basically run just fine, modules can be loaded,  though
e.g.  luasockets socket.http did not load because when any of mime.core and
socket.core are 'required' after the other an error occurs.
What error? I've used luasocket on WinCE/Mobile devices without any problems.


-- ynezz