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2011/10/12 Stephen Blackwell - Applications Engineering <>:
> Eventually, I need to bind a function that returns a pointer and this
> has to be a 64bit pointer.
> I've been googling around and there seems to be some issues using lua on
> 64bit machines but so far I have not found a definitive answer.
> So can anyone say for sure if I can bind to a function that returns a
> pointer on a 64 bit machine?

I can only talk about AMD64/EM64T flavours of 64bit Windows, if you're
on IA64 just ignore my email. On that platform, 32bit and 64bit code
cannot be mixed in the same process. If the code that returns the
pointer is 64bit code (in a DLL I assume), you need a 64bit process to
call it. So you either need to build Lua in 64bit (IIRC Lua for
Windows has a 64bit counterpart), or you have to create (or find)
another executable and run it from your 32bit Lua (with os.execute or
io.popen) or use some other IPC mechanism.