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> > Hi, I have tried to port luajit2 to Synbian, with Mike's help.
> >
> > just define CROSS variable in command, and process a .s file and write
> > it into mmp file.
> >
> > but I don't have idea to compile a WINSCW version of LuaJIT :(
> This is my bat file to create files used in Symbian build. hope to help you :)
I've suspected that this won't be trivial - I've now fall back to Lua's predecessor -
Google's alua. (It's using 5.1.3 version of normal lua, no Jit in use).
Managed to locate one bug with libdl (dlsym() resolved to NULL, even those function export
exists) - reported to correct people.
In your build logs you're seems to be using some custom compiler -
CodeSourcery , not default which is supplied with symbian environment ?
I've managed to locate it and install it (don't remember from where anymore)
- and even added into PATH variable, but I still have conflict with normal gcc which
is supplied via cygwin. I suspect that I should use some sysroot / scratch box etc..
But may be you could tell me what I'm missing here ?
$ export PATH=/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/CodeSourcery/Sourcery\ G++\ Lite/arm-none-symbianelf/bin:$PATH
$ gcc -v
gcc version 4.4.1 (Symbian ADT Sourcery G++ Lite 4.4-172)
$ ./symbianbuild.bat
lj_arch.h:187:2: #error "Need at least GCC 4.2 or newer"
- What compiler do you use ?
- What make system do you use ? (cygwin's ?)
Have a nice day!