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2011/10/8 Xavier Wang <>:
> 2011/10/4 Tarmo Pikaro <>:
>> Hi !
>> I've found some references of someone trying to cross compile Lua scripting
>> engine to symbian -
>> see:
>> Do you have some instructions how to cross compile LuaJit for symbian latest
>> releases,
>> what tools / etc are required to do this ?
>> I would prefer to get whole package as a zip instead of patching if
>> possible.
>> Do you know what open problems there exists related to that one ?
>> I've seen multiple ports to symbian of older Lua version (5.1.x but without
>> Jit engine)
>> - I guess it can be used as well. Would be good to know what is the freshest
>> out of them.
>> ;(Seems to refer to invalid
>> project ?)
>> ;(Does not have any meanigful
>> implementation ?)
>> ;(Too old ?)
>> ;(Found
>> reference here once, but lost link from where I have found it)
>> --
>> Have a nice day!
>> Tarmo.
> Hi, I have tried to port luajit2 to Synbian, with Mike's help.
> just define CROSS variable in command, and process a .s file and write
> it into mmp file.
> but I don't have idea to compile a WINSCW version of LuaJIT :(

This is my bat file to create files used in Symbian build. hope to help you :)
make HOST_CC="gcc -m32" HOST_CFLAGS="-D__symbian__"^
     CROSS=arm-none-symbianelf- TARGET=ARM TARGET_SYS=Other^
     TARGET_CFLAGS="-D__symbian__ -D__SYMBIAN32__ -D__GCC32__ -D__GCCE__ -DLUAJIT_USE_SYSMALLOC -I\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd_MR\Epoc32\include\libc"
@if not exist Symbian mkdir Symbian
move libluajit.a Symbian
move lj_bcdef.h Symbian
move lj_ffdef.h Symbian
move lj_folddef.h Symbian
move lj_libdef.h Symbian
move lj_recdef.h Symbian
move lj_vm.s Symbian
move buildvm.exe Symbian
del *.o