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 - Do you run Lua scripts from within a C or C++ application ?

Yes. C++ is our team's language.

 - If yes, what API are you using for it?

Your LuaClassBasedCall, Lunar and my helper functions.

There are numerous Lua-C++ bindings that ease the process. None of
them seems popular however.

I checking other bindings and found that your is better. I use it in production env.
I wrote another template based functions to convert lua arguments to C++
and vice versa, like your class does. I use it within lua-to-C++ call (with other handy class: Lunar).
If you interest, I may send it to you later.
But latest version of your LuaClassBasedCall does not pass all my unit tests,
and I will arrange to check it after last release of my project.

Thank you for handy class,
/Aleksander Melnikov