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On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 08:47, Marc Balmer <> wrote:
Am 07.10.11 15:42, schrieb Sebastien Lai:
--- snippage ---

Do you know what that would mean to all the existing codebase... ?
Every that uses the current form would have to change his software just
because of your personal taste?  You can't be serious?

I believe this is a whole lot more than just a personal taste issue.  I've often thought that those values would be best encapsulated in some way.  I like this idea.  As for having to change the existing code base... unless you are upgrading to the version where this change is implemented it really is a non-issue.  Given that most uses for Lua are embedded inside a host program, it isn't unusual for these instances to NOT be updated all that often.
Impractical and quite crazy to even suggest such a change.  If you dont
like _G etc. why don't you make a table for you that contains these
elements?  That would be easy enough.

"quite crazy"?  That's a bit harsh.  This was simply a suggestion.  I see value in this idea, especially the idea that the other information could be exposed and available in the proposed "sys" module - information like compiler switches used to build the Lua engine.

Peace and Light