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Thx! For the quick responses, but I'm really a c noob, wouldn't even known
how to get it compiled (and as I'm in for lua-only platform independence I'm
even making an effort to stay away from it). If there is no alternative then
I suppose I have to, but isn't there a lua-only way of doing this?

I've done a lot of Girder stuff (which uses lua), it has a simple flag
'girder.isexiting' to check whether we're on the way out.

Feels like a question of asking but already knowing... and still hoping,
anyone gonna make my day?

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> Sent: donderdag 29 september 2011 19:49
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> Subject: Re: controlled exit
> > Signals perhaps? E.g. SIGTERM
> >
> > For example:
> >
> >
> See also lua.c which catches SIGINT. The same technique can be used to
> catch SIGTERM though you'll probably want to return a special error
> object to signal termination.