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On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 6:53 AM, HyperHacker <> wrote:
> So uploading a 100MB file will consume 100MB of RAM? There's a good
> reason PHP just gives you a handle to a temporary file and a way to
> move it.

True. But as far as I know, PHP uses a specialized library for
handling this kind of data, which provides a FILE* handle (and several
other 'benefits', which would still require something similar to
LuaFileSystem), and the primary goal of LunarCGI was to reduce
thirdparty dependencies to a minimum.

Fact is, the current implementation *works*, and as long as you don't
have to upload ridicolous amounts of data using LunarCGI, it will do a
well enough job.

So yes, if you feel like you have to upload 100+ MB files on a daily
basis, then just stick with PHP instead of bothering yourself too much
with Lua.