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Hello dear readers of the Lua mailinglist,

I just wanted to let you folks know that LunarCGI
( finally supports fileuploads!

A big thanks goes to the LuaCheia project, whose multipart parsing
functions I borrowed, and zash (freenode) for kindly helping me out
with parsing the data correctly.

It's almost flawless (that is, I haven't found any flaws so far, so
keep testing and reporting guys), and semantically, it differs from
PHP and Perl in terms of usability quite a bit. I find it easier to
use, that is.

The value returned from LunarCGI#paramMULTIPART(<key>) is structured
as follows (shamelessly ripped from the comments from LunarCGI.lua):

    -- if a file is uploaded:
    -- {
    --    isfile = true;
    --    name = <fieldname>;
    --    filename = <filename>;
    --    data = <filedata>;
    --    headers = {
    --        type = <contenttype>;
    --        charset = <charset> or nil;
    --    }
    -- }
    -- if a simple var is posted:
    -- {
    --     name = <fieldname>;
    --     data = <postdata>;
    --     isfile = false;
    -- }

The function LunarCGI#queriesMULTIPART() returns all vars found via
multipart parsing. So far one can upload several files at once without
any problems (and I admit, i'm kind of proud of it :-P).

Of course, this would have not been possible without the help of the
very kind Lua community. So a big thanks to everyone who has helped
once again :-)

One could say that this is a big step for LunarCGI, but a small step
for web programming :-)