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On 26/09/2011 06:04, Jeff Pohlmeyer wrote:

Ah, an interesting editor. I haven't seen so much real-world Fox-based applications on Windows, so far. A bit big (the Fox toolkit is probably the culprit) but I appreciate it is only one file. The look is a bit rustic (the open dialog is quite dated) and it has some show-stoppers (I am used to open documents by drag'n'dropping them from Explorer to the editor window) but the list of features is impressive, and I appreciate it can be scripted in Lua too.

Another editor worth mentioning in the Lua world is Textadept [1] which is even bigger (coming with the whole GTK+ stack!) but has the interesting property of being almost entirely written in Lua (with a dash of C for low level operations).


Both editors use Scintilla as base component, which is a good choice, if I may say so...

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