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LunarCGI got a new website:

The old website ( won't be updated (and
actually never was updated, because I have to admit that my
selfwritten wiki engine isn't nearly as great as it could have

I've done this mainly because I got major gripes with sourceforge and
their, pardon the language, retarded upload/download system.
It will also contain a GIT mirror of the code hosted at github:

Googlecode already offers a wiki (which is much better than githubs
builtin wiki!), so there's that.

It's still lacking content, because I just created it, but now you'll
know where the online documentation will be in the future!


PS: if anyone feels adventorous to take a look at the admittedly badly
written wiki engine, it's included in the source in 'etc/oldwiki'. Use
it at your very own risk! It