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> A few years back somebody who went by the name "darkgod" had written
> a SMTP server in Lua. I managed to track down the website, but it
> seems to have a lot of broken links, including the link to the source
> code. This is about as close as I could get:
> I think the author might be hanging out here now:

I'm still there, lua forever!

I'm still using tethys for myself, mailcatch and my company, sending
and receiving tons of mails, but since there didnt seem to be much interrest
and my own lack of time I did not really update the website.
If there is interrest I could.

This is not however exactly what the original poster wanted, this is a SMTP server 
not a client.
It does however allow to deliver mails into a maildir format (others are possible as plugins)
so at least this can answer the "how do I store things" question