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I've learned C++ by reading a French book when I was far from reading fluently English too :)
Then I learned more by reading manuals/snippets/... (written in English).

But one of my friends learned C++ in French, and (when he was student) he never learned the English words for some technical words.
To talk about programming with him was a bit confusing at first (now he knows technical words in English too :)).

So I'm not sure if learning programming concepts in French (with only French words) is a really good idea, but it's still better than not to be able to learn those programming concepts at all ;)

Julien D.
(Montpellier -- France :))

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De : [] De la part de Philippe Lhoste
Envoyé : mardi 20 septembre 2011 12:57

On 20/09/2011 10:50, Pierre Chapuis wrote:
> I agree that language is not really a problem, since developers
> should be able to speak global English anyway, and it is probably a
> bad idea to fragment the (arguably small) online community.

Following this idea, there should be no French edition of programming books at all, except 
perhaps for (Visual) Basic and PHP... :-)

When I was a young student (now, I am an old, self-taught student... :-)), I was glad to 
find French books about programming: I was far from reading fluently English as I do now.
I improved by reading thousands of pages of AD&D rules... ;-)

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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