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On Tue, 20 Sep 2011 08:25:30 +0200, Bertrand Mansion wrote:

There are not so many French-speaking Lua users though. Except Patrick,
I could only name François Perrad, Fabien Fleutot and Julien Danjou
(who doesn't even use Lua anymore). There are probably some users at
Ubisoft too...

That's certainly a misinformed and naive statement.

Obviously, it was.

At least this thread will have showed me how wrong I was about this.

On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 18:56:54 +0200, Petite Abeille wrote:

A French Lua user group would also be nice!

Out of curiosity... why? Does French add a special flavor, un je ne
sais quoi, to Lua?

It's not about the language here, it's more about the geographic
location and the potential for events. The existence of AfPy, JUGs,
RubyFrance, Les Mongueurs de Perl and so on makes local communities
around those languages more active IMO.

Maybe this would also help change the fact that, in many circles,
when you mention Lua as a possible solution, the answer is "Lu-what?".

If I understand well you are a French-speaking user but you do not
live in France. Sorry this wouldn't be so useful for you then.
I agree that language is not really a problem, since developers
should be able to speak global English anyway, and it is probably a
bad idea to fragment the (arguably small) online community.

Pierre Chapuis