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Hi all and thank you for your effort!

I finally managed to solve the problem. It had nothing to do with varying versions of the CRT. The problem was with my package.cpath not being set correctly top point to my profiler.dll.

I got the idea from;prev_next=prev#new
How I missed this thread in my research I can't say

I have yet to discover how to set the package.cpath from VS but for now i just printed my package.cpath from lua and put my .dll in one of the specified directories


On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 2:01 AM, Ross Berteig <> wrote:
At 02:04 AM 9/9/2011, Oskar Forsslund wrote:
>well I've gotten so far as to knowing that lua uses the
>MSVCR100.DLL and my application uses the D3DX9D_41.DLL wich in
>turn uses MSVCRT.DLL. I'm assuming this could lead to errors,
>especially when using require. Is that correct?
>How do i make either of them use the other's .dll instead?

First, you are linked against a debug version of DX9. You should
see a dependency on d3dx9_41.dll, not d3dx9d_41.dll. This is
probably due to checking the dependencies of a debug build of
your application, but if this is a release build then you have a
project configuration issue you must resolve since it is
generally not allowed to distribute the debug builds of Microsoft

Second, it is likely that you will find system components that
reference MSVCRT.DLL. Even MSVCR100.DLL itself might, I know that
some earlier versions do. It is technically possible to do this,
but you have to balance a number of issues. The library authors
at Microsoft took responsibility for that balancing, so as long
as you only use the public APIs you won't have problems caused by

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