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于 2011-9-7 19:40, Oskar Forsslund 写道:
Im quite new to both lua and VS and this is really getting on my nerves.
I'm trying to require the profiler package included in the "lua for windows"-install but my application keeps crashing. I have tried running just the script from the console and it runs properly but as soon as I try to run it under VS lua panics with the error message "attempted to call a nil value".

Glad for any ideas


more information is needed to find out where the bug lies. you should give as much information as possible such as
the build environment, build toolchain version, build command line flags, external libraries linked,
the stack trace message when lua panic, and so on.

yet I could only make a guess from the limited description you posted.
since the error message is "attempted to call a nil value", maybe there is some name conflicts between the profiler
and your host application, so some lua value is broken which should have be a function.
or, maybe this is another problem due to the different crt versions from the one your host program is linked with and
the one the pre-built package is linked with.