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Sigh... They deleted the torrent 10 minutes after I put it there.
Pirate Bay is very strange to say the least. We should really switch
to a dedicated server. But, FWIW, here's another link to the torrent: - will continue
seeding it later.


On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 1:18 PM, Stefan Reich
<> wrote:
> OK, let's try this... I went with the Pirate Bay option for now.
> (SourceForge does not seem to have worked.)
> Here's the link:
> I'll have to carry my notebook around intermittently today, but after
> that, I'll try and seed as crazy. Hopefully it'll tunnel through my
> firewall well. Right now it's giving me a "port not forwarded"
> message. Damn this is complicated. :[
> Anyway: Thanks for all the suggestions and offers, boys!
> I hope we'll have an actual server soon. There was an offer. We'll see!
> Stefan