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Thanks Mike for your help, but I can't proceed as you advise, because I have to somewhat patch LuaJIT to completely integrates it to our application: for instance we have a debugger that is triggered when an error occurs, but before the stack is unwind so we can see the call stack and local variables across it. Another problem is that we have to trap the output of the print() command to redirect it to the application unified console. An a last example with the os.exit() command that is modified to just stop the script execution and not kill the application :-). We had these problems previously with the regular Lua and this has nothing to do with LuaJIT. Maybe a possible solution would be to have a standard hook API for those feature. I saw that some people discussed about this for the debugger error interception.

Anyway, I have to do this. To minimize the risk of doing errors, all the VM part is generated by your script, and the rest is integrated via amalg.c so I only have one file where I have to care about the compiler settings. So far it works very well (until now).


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