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Am 04.08.2011 um 14:44 schrieb startx <>:

I have thought about the idea of a Lua-based OS, and it could
certainly be interesting...

I too think such a project would be interesting. It has already
been tried at least once:
Sadly the source code is no longer accessible.

i should have a copy of the source. ill check later and if its really
not accessible anymore i put it up somewhere next days.

yes it appears the khoros repository has disappeared. i uploaded a
snapshot of the repo here:

direct download link is

note: i was not involved in developing khoros, i only tested it for a
while and played around with it ;)

its under BSD license.

Since I was one of the two khoros developers I can say something to the status: 
Matthias Miller stopped devel for private reasons and now only I'm left.
Since he wanted to use (it was his naming idea) for private other stuff,
I renamed the project to lv0(.org).
I rewrote a lot of things (especially the boot loader), my idea is now to boot straight into 64 bit long mode similar as done here: 
I did not published any code yet, I guess I will write an announcement, once this will happen.