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What are you getting from cygwin that you're not getting in linux?

you should be able to develop for android on linux. the android sdk and ndk are available for linux.

the moai android packager only needs zip in the path. it stuff the lua and resources into an archive which go with the apk.

i do not believe the android emulator supports opengl es 2.0 anyway, so you're going to have to run the app on the device.

if you are talking about running "moai.exe"  - that's for windows apps, not android. 

Have a great day.


On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 4:48 PM, Elias de Oliveira <> wrote:
Hello again, i've been reading and testing the moai on a windows
vm(cus i use linux), but it's seems very stupid use a vm with windows
+ cygwin(it's necessary for android development) in a linux.

I'm studying the possibility to use only opengl + Lua to write some
simple test games for android, this is the best way? There's some
other good game engine that i can code on my linux?


2011/8/29 Elias de Oliveira <>:
> Thanks guys, i will read about moai for game developing and MoSync to
> others apps.
> []'s
> 2011/8/29 David Given <>:
>> On 29/08/11 19:08, Elias de Oliveira wrote:
>>> Hello guys, i'm starting to study Lua and game developing for android.
>>> In my search i found the corona game engine, but i would like to write
>>> my apps in a free software, did you guys had worked with some free and
>>> good game engine for android?
>> What you're looking for is Moai:
>> Open source, works on Windows, Android and iOS, and very easy to use.
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