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On 8/28/11 3:47 AM, Richter, Jörg wrote:
Linux also has rpath, but it has to be absolute :(, hence
LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or other tricks)

On Linux you can use $ORIGIN in your rpath. This searches in your executable/library path.


I keep forgetting about $ORIGIN, as I found about it few months ago, but did not have time to change my local compiled libraries to use it
for my project. Hopefully won't forget it soon :)

That allows me to create very close organization and control of libraries for OSX, Linux, and Windows - as long as they are all in the same folder. Only one compilication might be for future plugin development where say for certain Adobe or Autodesk product my plugin would be a .dll, .so, .dylib, and it would have to reach the rest of the .dll, .so, .dylibs it's using. But would worry about this later...

Thanks a lot, Jörg!