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Hi Stefan,

> Lua Lanes seems very neat for true multithreading. It separates each
> thread ("lane")'s data from the other threads' data. So you don't get
> the problems of a shared mutable state.

The lanes support states;

"Lua Lanes supports the following operating systems:
 - Mac OS X PowerPC / Intel (10.4 and later)
 - Linux x86
 - Windows 2000/XP and later (MinGW or Visual C++ 2005/2008)
The underlying threading code can be compiled either towards Win32 API or
Pthreads. Unfortunately, thread prioritation under Pthreads is a JOKE,
requiring OS specific tweaks and guessing undocumented behaviour. Other
features should be portable to any modern platform."

I intended to use it on embedded linux on ARM architectures, would that
qualify as "any modern platform"? (sorry for the probably stupid question,
but I'm a total noob on this stuff)