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Hello Mike:

On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 5:34 PM, Mike Pall <> wrote:
> The FFI simply implements C semantics and C has only a single,
> unified namespace. What you're trying to do wouldn't work in C
> either.
> Also, I'm not sure that your quest to save a few keystrokes is
> really justified. Code is more often read than written. Sooner or
> later someone will stumble upon some Init() and won't find it in
> the docs, without mentally replacing it with LibA_Init().

IMHO it's not just trying to save a few keystrokes. There's just
something not consistent to me because, yeah, I know C only have one
unified namespace, so we only have one ffi.cdef() to declare them,
however we have to load additional C libraries into different
namespaces. (local LibA = ffi.load(path_to_LibA))

I was thinking there're reasons behind this design (about loading C
libraries into different namespaces), but we have only one ffi.cdef,
thus comes my original question that if we can have different cdef's
namespaces too. After your explanation, I am thinking then why not:

ffi.load(path_to_LibA); ffi.cdef[[ LibA_declarations... ]]

local C = ffi.C

Please correct me if I am still wrong on the matter, thank you. :)

Best regards,
Johnson Lin