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Hi list, please forgive my poor english. I don't know how to precisely
describe this issue briefly in the email subject.

I read Mike's solution for writing:

local SDL = ffi.load(path_to_SDL);  ffi.cdef( somehow read SDL's header );

instead of writing:

local SDL = ffi.load(path_to_SDL);  ffi.cdef( somehow read SDL's header );

which uses gcc's symbol renaming functionality:

int Init(int) asm("SDL_Init");

because we'll want to avoid writing the namespace twice everytime when
using LuaJIT FFI (for another instance: GL.glBegin()  <-> GL.begin()
). so yeah, the gcc renaming thingy is nice to have. However, when
LibA and LibB have similar or identical naming convention, this will
become a problem:

local LibA = ffi.load(path_to_LibA)
int Init() asm("LibA_Init");

local LibB = ffi.load(path_to_LibB)
int Init() asm("LibB_Init");

I'd like to write


but that's not going to happen for now, because you can have only one
"Init". or I'll have to use

LibA.Init() --renamed
LibB.LibB_Init() -- can't rename to Init

although it's very unlikely to happen, but even if we don't rename
anything, won't there be a chance that we ffi.load() two libraries
which already expose conflict names? Please correct me if I am wrong
on this matter, and I'd like to know if there's any solution, or this
feature will be in LuaJIT's future releases?

Best regards,
Johnson Lin