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Lua Developer

We're a small game and mobile app company with clients in the U.S. that is looking for a Lua developer to help us create new games, interactive eLearning courses and mobile apps.

- A basic understanding of OOP concepts and best practices.

- Understanding of event handlers, event dispatchers, and event propagation.

- Good English skills.

- You enjoy writing code. (This is not a designer position)

- Can deliver on a deadline

- Willing to follow our coding protocols, such as using camelCase for variable names, ALL_CAPS for constants, CappedCamelCase for class names, etc. (We also try to use ‘is’ at the start of all Booleans, ‘_’ underscores in front of private vars, etc.)


- You have some experience with Corona. (We use Ansca’s Corona engine for our mobile app & game projects, so that’s a big plus, but not a necessity. )

- You're friendly, communicate well, and like to interact with other people. We're a relaxed and friendly bunch. We joke and laugh a lot.

- You're a quick learner who takes pride in your work. You care about quality.

You'll be working with our Lead Developer, creating classes and object structures. For each class you are assigned to create, you will be given clearly detailed outlines of what the class objects should do, the methods they should have, and the parameters that these methods and class instantiation functions will receive. In some cases, you may also receive logic-flow outlines that document the basic program flow the Lead Developer would like you to use.
You will be responsible for writing the code, testing your code thoroughly, solving any bugs, and adding comments to make your code more legible.
If you're interested, please tell us a little about yourself:
- past programming experience
- links to work
- hourly rate
- your favorite mobile app
- your favorite mobile game
- also what country you work in (we don't care which, we're just curious; we're a small company, but we have team members in Asia, N. America and Europe)

email djzeaman at gmail dot com