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> > Not that simple.  luarocks, even luarocks 2.0.5, makes use of setfenv.
> > 
> I thought of trying to patch luarocks, but found that for numlua
> a common-or-garden makefile is easier.


> I'm not sure whether just copying the lhp tree is adequate, but I don't
> need it yet.  I am now trying out NumLua with the new docs/index.html
> open in my browser and enjoying the experience.  Thanks, Luis!

Thanks for the makefile. Since Lua 5.2 is still in beta, I'm not fully
supporting it right now. Actually, I'd rather wait for luarocks to support Lua
5.2. :)

LuaHelp should be straightforward to install and provides a great online
reference for the interpreter. The html doc is good for browsing features and
functions. I'm glad you're enjoying Numlua, and thanks for the reports and


Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.
                -- Pablo Picasso

Luis Carvalho (Kozure)
lua -e 'print(((""):gsub("(%u+%.)","")))'