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I'm happy to announce the availability of Numeric Lua 0.3! Straight from the

  _Numeric Lua_ is a numerical package for the Lua programming language. It
  includes support for complex numbers, multidimensional matrices, random
  number generation, fast Fourier transforms, and special functions. Most of
  the routines are simple wrappers for well known numerical libraries: complex
  numbers and part of the extended math modules come from C99; other special
  functions, including statistical functions, are adapted from Netlib's SLATEC
  and DCDFLIB; random number generation is based on Takuji Nishimura and
  Makoto Matsumoto's Mersenne Twister generator as the "engine" (uniform
  deviates) and Netlib's RANLIB for the remaining deviates; fast Fourier
  transforms are implemented from FFTW; and the matrix package draws most of
  its numeric intensive routines from Netlib's ubiquitous BLAS and LAPACK

  Numeric Lua tries to maintain Lua's minimalist approach by providing
  bare-bone wrappers to the numerical routines. The user can use the outputs
  for further computations and is then fully responsible for the results.
  Other Lua features are also available, such as OO simulation through
  metamethods and functional facilities. A basic API is provided in order to
  promote extensibility. Also, check `numlua.seeall` for a quick way to start
  using Numeric Lua.

  Numeric Lua is licensed under the same license as Lua -- the MIT license --
  and so can be freely used for academic and commercial purposes.

Main changes from the previous release:

  - Main objects have been rewritten -- almost from scratch! -- for a new API
  - Fast Fourier transforms and matrix serialization using HDF5
  - Many new methods!
  - Documentation!
  - Lua 5.2 compatible!

Numeric Lua can be built and installed from luarocks (luarocks install
numlua); for the latest development branch and for more detailed installation
instructions, please check

I'd like to thank all that contributed with suggestions, documentation and
code examples. All feedback is welcome!


Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.
                -- Pablo Picasso

Luis Carvalho (Kozure)
lua -e 'print(((""):gsub("(%u+%.)","")))'