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On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 10:03:33AM +0200, Andre Naef wrote:
> I am happy to announce the first beta release of Lua Web Tools, release
> 0.9.0.
> Lua Web Tools allows you to develop web applications in Lua, and run them
> directly in the Apache HTTP server. The core functionality of LWT is
> provided by an Apache module, mod_lwt. In addition, LWT provides optional
> Lua modules for accessing databases and caches.
> The following functionality is provided by LWT:
> * Apache module. LWT provides an Apache HTTP server module that handles
> requests by invoking Lua scripts. 

Just curious: is it in any way related to

> * Template engine. LWT provides a template engine that blends Lua with
> HTML/XML. The engine supports substitutions and logic in a way that is
> natural to both Lua and HTML/XML. This makes it easy to develop web
> applications with a clean separation of UI logic in Lua and layout in HTML.
> * WSAPI. LWT supports the WSAPI standard, and can be used to run WSAPI
> applications directly in the Apache HTTP server. 
> * Databases. The IS module supports the access to information system in an
> SQL injection safe way. Currently, the module supports MySQL, Sybase, SQL
> Server and SQLite.

I'd ask the same question here with lua-apr (for the db and memcached)
and lua-wsapi for WSAPI and cosmo for the template engine.

Enrico Tassi