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I am happy to announce the first beta release of Lua Web Tools, release

Lua Web Tools allows you to develop web applications in Lua, and run them
directly in the Apache HTTP server. The core functionality of LWT is
provided by an Apache module, mod_lwt. In addition, LWT provides optional
Lua modules for accessing databases and caches.

The following functionality is provided by LWT:

* Apache module. LWT provides an Apache HTTP server module that handles
requests by invoking Lua scripts. 
* Template engine. LWT provides a template engine that blends Lua with
HTML/XML. The engine supports substitutions and logic in a way that is
natural to both Lua and HTML/XML. This makes it easy to develop web
applications with a clean separation of UI logic in Lua and layout in HTML.
* File uploads. LWT supports HTTP file uploads from a web browser. 
* WSAPI. LWT supports the WSAPI standard, and can be used to run WSAPI
applications directly in the Apache HTTP server. 
* Databases. The IS module supports the access to information system in an
SQL injection safe way. Currently, the module supports MySQL, Sybase, SQL
Server and SQLite.
* Caching. The cache module supports the use of caches, currently memcached.
The IS and cache modules are designed to work nicely along mod_lwt, but are
optional and independent Lua modules. 

You can find more information on LWT on its project page. This page also
includes a small script and template example:

More formal documentation is available on the project wiki:

If you want to give LWT a try, you can check out its source code from the
repository, or downloaded the 0.9.0 tarball from the downloads section.
Please note that the build infrastructure is currently
Linux/Debian/Ubuntu-ish, and it may take some effort to build on other