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On 18/08/2011 13.52, Axel Kittenberger wrote:
Dimiter>  Don't worry about it. There would be always someone complaining...

He isn't complaining. He doesn't actually care, its just a friendly
tip that a bad chosen name get be a stopper. Don't be so fast to diss
other claiming their just complaining.

Philippe>  I think it is hard to come with a name that hasn't a negative sense in
Philippe>  one language or the other... :-)

Yes, but although majority-thinking isn't cool either, with english
you got a quite a big speech-community affected.

Peter>  Famously the Toyota "MR2" sports car just-about translates
phonetically to "shit" in French.

Or there is the Chevrolet Nova that surprisingly didn't sell well in
the spanish speaking countries - literally meaning no-va: Doesn't

There is also the Nissan "Qashqai". I have no clue about its selling records in Italy, but that word sounds almost as "cascai" ("I fell"), such as in the sentence "I fell downstairs" or "I fell from a bridge"!

To be honest the "s" in "cascai" has a sound more like in "sleep", whereas in "qashqai" is more similar to the "s" in "sheep", but this difference is only notable in standard Italian. In many italian dialects or regional variants the difference for the listener is minimal (worse: it gives an emphatic tone to the word, since it seems it is pronounced idiomatically on-purpose to make people laugh!!)

Anyway the first time I saw an advertisement of it, I couldn't stop laughing! It shows quite a lack of local pre-marketing research! :-)

-- Lorenzo