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Just curious, what was Ophal intended to mean?
It would not be a leap to drop the 'h', and have the name Opal, which would lead to a quite nice looking stone ;).
Alternatively, in the spirit of lua web based software, pick something related to astronomy, perhaps a star?


2011/8/17 Fernando Paredes García <>
Neverminded, what name would you suggest to change the pronunciation?

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---- On Wed, 17 Aug 2011 05:26:36 -0500 Pascal J. Bourguignon<> wrote ----

Lee Hickey <> writes:

> And one minor point - you might want to reconsider the name. When I,
> as a native English speaker, read it, I read it as
> offal. (
> That's not a particularly pleasant image :) 

You've not read that article. It's full of pictures of delicious and
appetizing dishes.

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