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Hey Steve,

---- On Sun, 14 Aug 2011 22:13:00 -0500 Steve Litt<> wrote ----
From what you've written, this looks like it might be a web
development environment, but I'm not sure. I spoze it could also be a
webserver or something else. Could you amplify a bit more than what's
in this email or on the referenced web page

The Roadmap is available at:

1. Alpha
  Implement a CGI framework that supports: Modules, Themes, Browser's
  cache, Sessions, File Uploads and Friendly URLs.

2. Beta
  Implement a minimal CMS, using only Lua scripting.

3. Release Candidate
  - Bugs fixing and performance improvements.
  - Start 0.2 branch: Port CGI framework to C, Security improvements and
    Form API.

4. First Stable Release
  Maintenance Release

The project is in Alpha stage ATM, alpha5 implements the very basics of: Modules, Themes, Browser's cache and friendly URLs. Next steps are: File Uploads and Friendly URLs. Once Alpha is "mostly working" and complete, will be time to start the BETA stage, and so on.

Does that answer the question?