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On Tuesday, August 16, 2011 10:24:59 AM Marc Balmer wrote:
> Am 16.08.11 16:13, schrieb Steve Litt:

> > What's the purpose of what you did here? It sounds very
> > interesting but I don't understand the context. What are some of
> > the things you can do with this?
> Rapid development of in-kernel software (prototyping), changing the
> behaviour of kernel code, providing configuration data to kernel
> subsystem, experiments and tinkering with the kernel in general. 
> Call it a kernel experimenters/developers toolkit ;)

So if I understand this correctly, it's a mechanism available only in 
NetBSD by which you can write kernel code in Lua.

So if I understand you correctly, I could, for instance, write a 
NetBSD device driver in Lua using this.

> I can not tell much about real applications, since I only today got
> the mechanism working... So it will take some more time to create
> e.g. some standard bindings etc.

Yes. I guess what I was really asking, is what do you FANTASIZE doing 
with this. What possible prospective uses of this (if they work at 
all) make you smile?

By the way, you mention rapid kernel development. If you *ever* make a 
rapid *application* development tool, please let me know right away, 
because I'd very much like to be involved.



Steve Litt
Author: The Key to Everyday Excellence