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Sean Conner <> writes:

> It was thus said that the Great Lars Doelle once stated:
>> Now having a strong GPL background, i would not license my work under
>> MIT/X11 and wonder, if this would be considered a violation of habits,
>> thus making a publication partically useless. Could anyone please tell me
>> if there's a common position here on this matter.
>   It seems as if the GPL is unpopular here, but that didn't stop me from
> releasing my syslog replacement [1] under the GPL, with an exception:
> 	NOTE! The author of this package grants an exemption of Section 5
> 	and 6 of this license for any new or additional Lua scripts written
> 	by you for use with this package.  Only the C source code and the
> 	Lua scripts provided in this package are covered under this license.
>   That said, go with that you are comfortable with.  I'm comfortable with
> the GPL so that's what I go with.  
>   -spc (And if that makes my code unpopular, so be it)

Well, the GPL might make the licensed code unpopular with the developers
who would want to profit from it without contributing back, but it
should be extra popular with the users who can thus get the source of
their programs and have them adapted and improved on their own.

Personnaly, I don't care to be unpopular amongst egoistical
developers, I prefer to please users (they're more numerous).

__Pascal Bourguignon__           
A bad day in () is better than a good day in {}.