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On 14/08/2011 13:06, David Kastrup wrote:
Now having a strong GPL background, i would not license my work under
MIT/X11 and wonder, if this would be considered a violation of habits,
thus making a publication partically useless. Could anyone please tell me
if there's a common position here on this matter.

I would never even look at your code if it is GPL licensed.  I strongly
suggest you reconsider your decision.  There are many reason why Lua is
used in embedded and commercial products, and the license is one reason.

Well, Lua is licensed under MIT/X11 in order to give people freedoms
regarding their licensing choices, including licensing under the GPL.

Trying to turn MIT/X11 into strong copyleft by social stigmatizing seems
to be counter to the original licensing intentions.

He is not stigmatizing it, he is telling that a library for Lua using the GPL license is unlikely to find as many users as a MIT/X11 one, just what the OP was concerned with. Of course, writing for himself, but I too think that lot of the community would make the same decision.

Personally, I find the GPL license for a library suitable only for the GPL community. Any other developer using usually another license (MIT, Apache, whatever) would avoid GPL because it would force to use it for the remainder of the work.
GPL for a final work (an application) is more OK for me.

Now, I encourage Lars to look at the archive, as this discussion (over GPL) happened already a number of times... ^_^'

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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