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So what about the Squirrel Programming language, which is largely based on Lua?
Who of you guys uses it (even in production, maybe?)

I've tried to assemble a pro/contra list here, mostly just naming
things from my own experience with both Lua and Squirrel:

      + very small memory footprint, if not the smallest right next to forth
      + very easy to learn due to obvious syntax "borrowed" from
algol, fortran and basic
      + stable, easy to use module system
      + very easy to embed, and thus to extend
      + big community, thus easy to get help
      + luajit (do i need to say more?)
      + compilable into bytecode

      + lacks classes per se as known from java, c++, delphi, and co
(but are creatable with metatables, but it may be irritating to new
      + the way require() looks for modules may be irritating to those
who have previously worked with rubys require() or pythons import
      + veeeery tiny standardlib, completely lacking proper
file/directory interactions (but there is still lfs)
      + lacking bitwise operators (there's still the bit module)
      + stackbased API that might confuse new users who have
previously worked with pythons C API or tcls C API (or similar APIs)
      + table interactions can lead to confusing, and long code in the
C API due to stackbased programming

      + classes and namespaces are part of the language
      + easy to learn syntax due to similarity to C++, Java, Javascript
      + almost equally as small as Lua, since it uses Lua as its core
      + constant and static values are part of the language

      + appears to be lacking module support (no require(), no
import), modules have to be linked as static libraries directly into
the vm
      + there doesn't seem to be a standalone compiler for squirrel
scripts (compiling is done from the API)
      + namespace syntax can be a little confusing to new users due to
ambigious arrow assignment (namespace <- { ... })
      + classes can have a constructor, but apparently no destructor
      + slightly overly verbose API (compared to Lua)

Especially the fact that Squirrel seems to lack module support kind of
makes squirrel unsatisfactory for me :(
What do you guys think? Any experience?