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I've made a function in a C module, for storing things in a local table. This local table is returned to Lua script at the end of the C function.

I do like this:

lua_newtable (L);

// And then, in my inner loop:
lua_pushstring (L, classname); // key
lua_pushlightuserdata (L, (void*)object); // value
lua_rawset (L, -3); // -3 : position of table on the stack

It works very well.
The table is filled with my C objects, and i can retrieve them for further reference.
For example, the table contains records like this:
win     userdata: 0x2251bf0

The problem is that: I must keep table at the top of the stack, and cannot do stack manipulation before storing all my records.
For the moment, it's not a problem, but i think of the future :)

So i've tried and gave a name to my table, just after created it:
  lua_newtable (L);

I was thinking i could retrive and push later the table, using:
  lua_getglobal(L, "classname_table"); //table now at the top of stack
  lua_pushstring (L, key );
  lua_pushlightuserdata (L, ptr);
  lua_rawset (L, -3);

But doesn't store anything.

Another question: since i've added
«lua_setglobal (L,"classname_table")»
for naming my local C table, the returned table contains pointers to all my module functions (only the one which can be called by Lua).

Now, the table contains only function i did't add:
runmainloop     function: 0x2251a00
fluidimport     function: 0x22519a0
widgetshow      function: 0x22519d0

If i simply remove «lua_setglobal», those records disappear.

Thank you for reading all this.