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On 11/08/2011 13.29, Axel Kittenberger wrote:
I'd outlaw either, so any script that has not exclusively spaces or
tabs in every line until the first non-space-character should simply
just generate a compiler error.

That would make things better, but couldn't unfortunately prevent subtle (and not so subtle) errors introduced when copying/pasting/deleting/editing code if the insertion point is not in the correct horizontal position. It happens often enough to me in any language, that I thought it better to avoid a language where I'd be sure to shoot myself in the foot sooner or later.

I've always wondered why force programmers to take care manually of something that could be automated by the editor. e.g. some scripters in one of my teams did a good job, but never managed to grasp the idea of proper indentation. Fortunately it was Lua and I didn't have to guess what their code was supposed to do :-)

Hmm... we could design a language where even the 3rd dimension is semantically significant. It would need a 3D printer, of course, but updented code would really stand out ;-)