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I myself am doing something to get on the iPad, but there are already some very complete projects.

For iOS + Objective-C runtime, this might be usefule:

On 8/9/2011 10:35 AM, Gopalakrishnan Subramani wrote:
Hi All,

Just curious to know the whether the following is possible with Lua or
not. Any alternative feedback is welcome.

1. Does Lua work with .NET Compact Framework on Windows 7 mobile? I
mean, I want .NET runtime on mobile not a WinCE/C platforms.
2. Does Lua work with Android mobile on Java Runtime?
3. I read Lua is officially supported language for iPhone. Does Lua
works with Object-C run-time?

If you need more clarification and justification and why questions, here
are boring details..You can skip them without reading so. If you have
any opinion, please feel free to share.

We are trying to build industry application which is sell-able to the
market as a product or service.
The currently we are using XML as a core technology where we define the
configuration which covers almost everything an application needs.

We have Configuration Engines written in different technologies like below.

1. Win32/VC++ (not fully matured, due to development time and lack of
dynamic introspection/reflection)
2. .NET/C#(Done)
3. iOS/Objective-C (yet to do)
4. Android/Java (yet to do)

These configuration engines consists of huge set of libraries and UI
controls to parse the XML and build the UI from XML. So XML is
technology independent and we could launch our product on any
technologies including web.

XML itself is not helping us in many places like conditional and rules.
So wherever required, we write custom code in C++, C#, Object-C (todo)
and Java (todo). In most cases, writing these code sucks since
development is consume more time & other overheads like compile and test.

I would like to keep our engine to adapt the Lua instead of XML so that
I could write custom operations also in Lua.

Now, we have problem in deciding run-time.

Our engine written in .NET which may not work with Lua on .NET compact
framework (to run on Windows mobile) due to the lack of generation of IL
code which Lua or other .NET script language produce at run-time. Even
DLR might not work on compact framework. I am not sure whether Lua can
work with Android on Java run-time. I recently read that iPhone can
support Lua thereafter. Even If we have capabilities to compile Lua to
IL code in such a way that it can work on Compact framework would be great.

We use Lua as a glue, not as a main application. The ultimate goal is
that, we want to build applications on various platforms like .NET,
Objective-C, Android platforms for Desktop PCs,  also make them  work on
mobile platforms with the greater support of Lua.