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On 06/08/2011 23.40, Gavin Wraith wrote:

local hyperbanana,sit inside,callifragilistic,somebody,X,Y,X'

-- Fit 1

You have some type of gadget - let us call the gadgets 'hyperbananas'.
One hyperbanana may well 'sit inside' another bigger hyperbanana.
Some hyperbananas may have a useful/weird/desirable property of
being 'callifragilistic'.

-- Fit 2

Somebody proves that every hyperbanana sits inside a callifragilistic

-- Fit 3

Somebody proves that for any hyperbanana X there is callifragilistic
hyperbana X' with the property that, whatever the callifragilistic
hyperbana Y, if X sits inside Y then X' also sits inside Y.

Under these circumstances one would say that X' was a callifragilistic
completion of X.

return 'completion'

Wonderful thanks!

I must admit that I had to re-read it an half dozen times to fully understand it, since those flying hyperbananas kept making me laugh (I couldn't stop from imagining hypergorillas trying to catch them)! :-D

Thank you again, both for the math insight and for the fun!

-- Lorenzo