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	I wish I had Kindle, but I do have iPad and Android phone :)

	If nothing else I'll buy it from the store above.

On 8/1/11 1:44 AM, Alexander Gladysh wrote:
On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 12:30, Dimiter "malkia" Stanev<>  wrote:
I actually want to buy the book (electronic PDF copy).

I'm in US - is Feisty Duck the only store that sells it?

I'm surprised that there is no Kindle edition on Amazon.


On 7/31/11 7:10 PM, Will Metcalf wrote:

and if there was an electronic version on sale, I would long
have bought it.

You can buy an electronic copy of this book.



On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 9:42 AM, Marc Balmer<>    wrote:

Am 18.07.11 15:04, schrieb Vadim Peretokin:

That's rather distasteful.

This is a sidenote only.

Since many of you are coming to Switzerland later this year, let me
explain you an interesting facet of Swiss law.  In Switzerland,
downloads are legal.  We can legally download movies, musics, or in this
case books, that someone puts online.  It does not matter if the
publication itself was legal.  The pure act of downloading a copyrighted
work is legal here.

Of course, publishing of such work is prohibited.  But we are allowed to
shared content of any matter with friends and family.

What is the conclusion?  I have now legally obtained an electronic copy
of a book I already bought four or five times in print (for myself, my
company, for friends etc.) and I admit that this comes in as a handy
reference for my personal use.  I have no intent to circulate this file,
of course, and if there was an electronic version on sale, I would long
have bought it.

So, distasteful or not, in some legislations, downloading the file in
question is perfectly legal.