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Michael, I believe we've met on IRC before (I'm 'user17'), were we
talked a little about it...
well, actually, I do not really plan to create *yet another binding*
(especially not to Qt, since it's so huge...). I like lqt the way it
is, it's usually possibly to reuse the official Qt docs with a little

Really it was just brainstorming at the moment I wrote it :-) But I
think I could at least try to write a proper binding to FLTK, since
the 'latest' fltk-binding uses tolua and doesn't even compile (well,
at least for me).

LuaPP is really just that, made to make writing Modules both easier
and smaller, than, say, writing it with LuaBind.

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 10:27 PM, Michal Kottman <> wrote:
> On 15 July 2011 20:48, Sebastien Lai <> wrote:
>> So far I have been thinking of writing an easier to use Qt binding for
>> Lua using LuaPP - so let me know what you think!
> Take a look at - the automatically
> generated full Lua bindings to Qt, to see if it suits your needs. If
> not, tell me how would you make it 'easier', I am open to cooperation,
> let's not duplicate work :)