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Hi there !

I random-walked into the TIOBE language popularity index and was amazed by this graph ( which I would have intuitively given to _javascript_ given all the hype around node.js, coffescript and all the "app on the client" frameworks.

The measures for TIOBE are pretty weird (+"Lua programming" in search engines and count hits) so I navigated the search results hoping to find why ranking grew so fast in the last couple of months. I could not find any obvious reason...

As a member of this list, I did notice that the traffic has increased but that does not seem to be enough for Lua to pass before _javascript_ and Ruby.

I did some page scraping and db mangling to get the mailing list's topics popularity for the last 6 months (full list below).

The activity around the 5.2 release and the Workshop are two obvious reasons but I am not sure this is enough for the huge peak in the TIOBE index.

Any other hints ?


number of messages | subject
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149 | LuaJIT2 performance for number crunching
121 | Lua Workshop 2011
105 | Lua Cookbook
81 | I'd give my right arm for a continue statement
75 | Propsoal: a lua dialect without nil
73 | What is your favorite Lua GUI toolkit?
59 | Definition of table.insert
52 | Is string always same as number? (the consistency of lua)
52 | [ANN] Lua 5.2.0 (beta-rc2) now available
51 | Workshop 2011
50 | Project lead nominations for standard libraries?
50 | [ANN] LuaJIT Roadmap 2011
49 | Lua on Reddit again
48 | C API question
43 | Porting Lua to Windows Mobile Professional 6.5.3
41 | LuaJIT 2 ffi (casting / force hotpath)
41 | proposal: state machine syntax also usable for continue / nested break
40 | Lua minus null (-0)
39 | Fleece: fast Lua to JSON
39 | Recommendations on my upcoming Lua presentation?
38 | Luajit and curstom data structures
38 | use of gettop to change functionality
37 | [ANN] Winapi - a minimal but useful Windows API binding
36 | Lua/LuaJIT2 performance on Android
35 | Reasons for a Web Developer to use Lua?
34 | Is there any plan to include build-in class support?
34 | LuaJIT missing from language shootout benchmarking site
34 | Possible enhancements for Lua 5.2
32 | Is there any plan to make luajit support bytecode?
32 | Possible bug with the length operator
31 | Lua language extension for complex number and vector values
31 | Proposal: table.sort returning the sorted table.
31 | filter an array in place
30 | Lua and Postgres
30 | LuaJIT without the JIT?