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Thanks Mike !
I modified the lj_err.c locally and it works perfectly now :)

Le 27/06/2011 20:23, Mike Pall a écrit :
Sylvain Fabre wrote:
In order to stay inline with the latest LUAJIT developement, i
tested our application with LUAJIT2.0 beta8, and we are facing an
issue (bug ?).

    * luaproc makes extensive use of lua_yield/lua_resume when
      exchanging messages thru channels.
LuaJIT beta7/beta8 switched to the external unwinder for yielding.
However the temporary exception struct was not thread-safe. This
has been fixed this in LuaJIT git HEAD. Thank you for the report!

[FYI: 'static __thread struct ...' in line 259 of lj_err.c.]

    * When i activate the assert mode WITH the LUAJIT activated, i get
      the following assert message :
          o lj_api.c : 41 index2adre: Assertion 'idx != 0&&  -idx<=
            L->top - L->base' failed.
This means the C code in your application or in luaproc accesses a
bad stack index. You should definitely track this down, in case it
doesn't go away with the above fix.


Sylvain FABRE
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