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> Wesley:
>> I think this function could be a lot simpler.  string.gmatch is more suited to this type of problem than string.find IMHO:
>> ... gmatch(string.format("([^%s]+)%s?", delim, delim)) ...
> I try to avoid regex's. Just because a block of code is shorter doesn't mean it’s simpler. I find them largely opaque to easy comprehension.

To each his own.  For "-" it ends up being "([^-]+)-?".  I too used to
be afraid of string patterns, but once you get over that, they're
quite pleasant to work with.  FWIW, Lua's patterns are a much reduced
set of ops compared to full blown regexs, making it much easier to
understand them.  Also, for the record I didn't say it was simpler
because it was shorter.  I said it's simpler because string.gmatch
maps to your problem better.  The shortness comes as a consequence.