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Hi Dave,

David Kastrup schrieb:
Your quoting style is quite unusual, hard to read and to followup
without lots of editing.
Thunderbird, plain vanilla, no mods, we had that a couple of times now. Please go yell at Mozilla about it. I did stop using the Android mailer for you, that's enough love.
"H. Diedrich" <> writes:

David Kastrup schrieb: 
            * Xavier Wang:

                in beta:
        The present implementation makes #t well-defined and equal to
        n if all its positive integer keys comprise the set {1..n}.
        That would not be a problem.
You are using "present implementation" and "well-defined" in a
nonsensical combination.  It's like trying to have your cake recipe
and eat it too.
Just that that is the problem. The recipe is showing in the cake.
As it should when done by a faithful cook.  But the cake should stay out
of the recipe.
You're simply reversing the roles in the metaphor now, to make it useless.

The #t is defined after how it is implemented, and not vice versa. A better definition of #t is practically ruled out for implementation requirements officially spelled out on this list.

That's why we get to talk about its implementation.

But hey, let's call it off right here.