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On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Jerome Vuarand
<> wrote:
> My build system can generate such monolithic apps, and I even wrote
> one that can modify its own exe file to replace/incorporate Lua
> scripts. Not formally released yet, but I can give indications to find
> the source code online.

Lorenzo reports that he has got "an UPXed srlua.exe statically linked
with Lua core and winapi that is about 85 kB and only depends on
MSVCRT.dll and other known Windows DLLs".  That's pretty small for a
full programming language!  I remain seriously impressed with the
power/weight ratio of Lua.

As for the '32' part, I'm regularly using 64-bit Windows, and it was
surprisingly easy to adapt (but remember 'long' is still 32 bits!).
There is a theoretical problem with pushing 64-bit pointers around in
doubles, but it seems ok so far.

I remain interested in the problem of making Lua on Windows more
unicode-aware, _without_ direct patching. Lua file object metatables
are freely re-usable in stock Lua, but LuaJIT is doing some voodoo.
One step is to make LuaFileSystem more unicode-aware for Windows.[1]

There is cool stuff in lwin32 that you should consider making more
public - yes I know documentation is a bitch, but otherwise it's just
going to be people who read C for breakfast.

steve d.

[1]  "Cross-platform is hard!" as Barbie the Software Engineer says.